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“Finding Fulfillment Amidst the Chaos” 

How great leaders use purpose to guide their journey through life.

Life can be chaotic and messy, a purpose guided leader has the passion and perseverance to push through this messy middle. In this engaging and dynamic talk, leadership coach Ted Bradshaw will change the way you think about whatmotivates you and how that shows up in the way you lead others.

In this talk, Ted will explain:
  • Why our definition of success is limiting and how we can make it limitless.
  • A simple platform that can be used to maximize all facets of life.
  • How to turn every decision into the right decision.

Driven to Guided” 

 How great leaders use purpose to guide themselves and their people.

Where we work, how we work, and what motivates us to do great work will never be the same since the pandemic. In this engaging and dynamic workshop, leadership coach Ted Bradshaw will attempt to change the way you think about what motivates you and how that shows up in the way you lead others.

In this talk, Ted will explain :

  • How to align your organization's purpose with your purpose.
  • How to lead people so that their interests are aligned with the organizations'.
  • How to nurture a culture of high performance and personal fulfillment.

“Getting what you want from your Business with EOS® 

Ted is a proud member of the EOS® Speakers Bureau.  His dynamic EOS®  keynote and intense, hands-on workshops will guide participants to:

  • Understand the six keys to building a truly great organization
  • Roll up their sleeves and confront organizational issues head-on
  • Learn how to get everyone focused on achieving a clear company vision
  • Begin to instill discipline and accountability throughout the organization


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"I had read lots of books and taken a handful of seminars throughout my life searching for a way to distinctly define my purpose.  To my delight, during Ted's workshop, he lead us through thinking and writing exercises that helped me define my 6 word purpose.  Even years later, I still use it on a daily basis to filter big opportunities and even little daily decisions." 

Jill Y.

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