Do you feel like you are chasing squirrels and are constantly distracted?

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Are you tired of feeling out of control when it comes to your day-to-day life?

So many things demand our attention - work, family, finances, nutrition, relationships, and more.

When we are driven by these outside forces, they leave us feeling exhausted, unsatisfied, and frustrated with little to show for it. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Imagine if the path before you became clear and you were no longer driven by external factors but guided by your internal purpose?

➔ You know who you are, where your best skills lie, and what makes you happiest.

➔ You have a dedicated direction that you want to follow for the rest of your life.

➔ You have confidence in the journey ahead because you have the tools and resources you need to make the best decisions for you.

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Discover the power of Purpose - tune out distractions and release your full potential!

A Place For High Achievers To Learn Purpose-Guided Living And See Major Change In Their Life Focus. 

Introducing Driven to Guided!

The Path to Purpose-Guided Living

Let’s Begin Your Journey Towards Guided Living

Moving toward guided living is the journey of life itself. There are no shortcuts. People who tell you they can solve your problems in a week or give you instant success are living in a facade. Embark on this guided journey and see where true transformation can really take place.

"Thank you Ted. There is no better investment than investing to learning more about yourself, learning how to take care of those things you care most about in life."
Derek M.
"Ted has masterfully created a valuable resource for anyone in need of a roadmap or inspiration to uncover their purpose. His true, authentic passion for coaching comes through in this [course] via the six pillars of support and the reminder woven throughout, of how powerful focus can be."
Danielle H.
" I believe that the information Ted gives is very valuable for people of all ages. Great information not only in business, but in life! Ted is very engaging... Would highly recommend taking his course for personal growth!"
Johnathan D.
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Meet Ted Bradshaw

Ted Bradshaw served as an executive with Xerox and IBM, then left the Fortune 500 world to explore the thrills of entrepreneurship. 

What he found was a long string of success that looked great on the surface. But underneath it all, he felt anxious, exhausted, and stressed, chasing money wherever it led and wondering why he never felt fulfilled. Along his journey, Ted gained valuable insight into how a person can achieve fulfillment in all aspects of life and he shares those insights with his best-selling book, Stop Chasing Squirrels.


This is for you if...

✓ You are a high achiever who is tired of being driven by the chaos around them and ready to be guided by their unique purpose.

✓ You have a thirst for knowledge and breaking the status quo.

✓ You are open-minded, receptive and motivated to do what it takes to live a guided life.

✓ You are ready to be set free by discovering your life-focus and flow.

✓ You have been searching for straight-forward guidance for sustainable results for both you AND your team.

In this course you will...

Learn What To Leave In The Past That Is Holding You Back From Your Future

Recognize Who You Are So You Can Truly Live In The Present

Know How To Create The Life You Deeply Desire

Gain Clarity On The Difference Between Your Focus, Purpose, Drive, And Life Mission

What's Included:

  • Lifetime access to 15+ sessions that are guaranteed to give you electrifying results
  • The path to living a guided life and the steps and resources to ACTUALLY DO SO!

  • PDF guides to implement the strategies taught in the sessions
  • Bonus Lesson "Purpose Unleashed - Empowering Visionary Leaders"
This is for me!

Let's take a closer look...

Module 1: From Driven to Guided

Uncover how to trade a driven life for a guided life. It’s ultimately the “driven life” we are unpacking and what you will be leaving BEHIND.

Module 2: Our What & Our Why

To find life purpose means to be forever guided by its pursuit, so we have to begin by finding that purpose you were born to uncover and follow.

Module 3: 6 Essentials for Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

The 6 Essentials - mind, body, soul, nutrition, money, and relationships - are the very elements that make us human. And everything depends upon what we do with them, how we develop them, and how we nurture and improve them to live a guided life.

Plus, exclusive bonuses for finding purpose for your teams. 

... and so much more! 

Are you ready to discover why you were placed on this planet and what you’re supposed to do about it?

Buckle your seat belt.

You’re about to begin a journey of discovering those answers—and like all journeys, it will transform you along the way.


Mark S.

“FANTASTIC! I’m inspired and motivated about my 3 year plan and working backwards towards it with a disciplined plan. The Six Essentials are spot on. The world is better with this body of work now available to all.”

Michael S.

"Ted has delivered a masterpiece that offers a recipe for contentment across all life domains. He brilliantly weaves in his life experiences in a vulnerable way, making it easier for the reader to trust his wisdom. His take on the soul (Essential #3) resonated with me greatly and caused me to ponder my own spiritual journey. You cannot go wrong by adding this gem to your toolbox."

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The Path to Purpose Guided Living

  • Lifetime access to 15+ sessions that are guaranteed to give you electrifying results
  • The path to living a guided life and the steps and resources to ACTUALLY DO SO!

  • PDF guides to implement the strategies taught in the sessions
  • Bonus Lesson "Purpose Unleashed - Empowering Visionary Leaders"

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