Do you feel like you are NEVER SATISFIED?

Do you feel like you are NEVER SATISFIED?

Show me a high achiever, and I’ll show you someone who sets goals. They’ve always got their sights set on moving toward the next victory. Does this sound familiar? I’ve always been that way. I need something out in front of me that’s just beyond my grasp. It keeps my adrenaline going, gets me up a little earlier in the morning, focuses me in the right direction.

Something else I’ve noticed: There comes a moment when reaching one more goal doesn’t bring the same thrill. I got this done, and that’s great. I got this next thing done, hooray! But after a while, a lot of us come to that moment when we suddenly wonder, Is this all there is? 

How many goals and victories push me across the line that finally makes me feel successful?I’ve come to believe that genuine satisfaction—The kind we can feel deep inside, and in a lasting way—Transcends any and all of our transient goals. 

You can be the highest achiever in your field, You can outwork and outearn every competitor, And still, you might have that feeling that something’s missing.

There must be a deeper purpose giving meaning to the whole journey.

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