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"I am a big believer in the Traction business operating system. I had been self-implementing for over a year, and despite the large effort I put into implementing Traction in my business my team continued to struggle with Issues, Data, Processes and Traction. I found that leading and facilitating created a difficulty where I wouldn’t get full participation from my team. I reached out to Ted to see if he could help me and we haven’t looked back. As our Traction facilitator he has done a great job of separating my role as Integrator and got my team sharing things that never came up since I started trying to self-implement. He has a ton of entrepreneurial experience and a leadership charisma that helps him command and steer through even the most uncomfortable conversations (and there were a few). I cannot recommend Ted enough. He has become a great partner in confidence that I rely on."


- James K

"I was introduced to Ted Bradshaw from a fellow business associate after having met several EOS Traction Implementers. I was immediately comfortable with Ted’s demeanor and after speaking with my team we moved forward with Ted. We were so pleasantly surprised with Ted’s knowledge and understanding of business and how he was able to bring his own experience into the room while still allowing us to find our way on our own. We have met with Ted on three separate occasions and consistently scored the sessions as an 8 or better each time. I would refer Ted’s services to any business looking to gain better control of their company through the EOS Traction Program with Ted as the Implementer of that program."


- Ryan K

"We had been using the EOS system for a few years in our business and were having success but still struggling to adapt the system to a start up. Working with Ted greatly aided us in getting a working model that we all could get behind and support. He is a thoughtful, deeply motivated facilitator with tools and experiences that immediately create value for those he is working with. It has been a pleasure to work with Ted and I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level with a system that works!"

- John K

"Ted has done a brilliant job guiding our leadership team through the EOS, management process. Our sessions with Ted have transformed us into a focused, accountable and aligned team with a solid vision and path forward."
- Craig M
"Ted started implementing EOS with my company at the start of 2016. My team and I are quite familiar with EOS and similar systems, but have always had trouble implementing them ourselves and staying the course. Since starting with Ted, my team is much clearer with the company goals and their own individual goals. We have implemented the Level 10 meetings, which bring us on the same page every week, and gives us a chance to work out issues together as a team. In 6 short months I have a much higher confidence in how my team works together, as well as our ability to reach our goals."
- Adam S

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