Due to the huge success of the 2019/2020 Alberta Integrator Mastery Forum, Ted Bradshaw is proud to announce that beginning September, 2020, we will be launching our second Alberta Integrator Mastery Forum Group for EOS Integrators. 

What is the purpose of the Alberta Integrator Mastery Forum Group?


The Alberta Integrator Mastery Forum Group is a confidential peer/support group based on EOS learning with a focus on execution, best practices, experience sharing and effective issues solving,

What are the benefits of the Alberta Integrator Mastery Forum Group?

As a member you will gain invaluable experience in the following areas:

  • Mastery of EOS tools

  • Focus on Visionary/Integrator relationship

  • Visionary/Integrator Same Page strategies

  • Leadership & Management development 

  • Professional development

  • Process, System & People efficiency

  • Achieving Vision, Traction, Healthy

  • Guest expert content

Sessions: 6
Date: Bi-Monthly beginning September, 2020
Cost: $7,500 + GST for the year.

Limited space is available, so please register early.