ACG's Corporate Growth Summit

I recently attended a presentation by Dave Rendall (@daverendall), author of The Freak Factor. Dave explained that “What makes us weird also makes us wonderful, and What makes us weak also makes us strong.” It struck me that there are many similarities between perceived weakness and core purpose.
In its purest form core purpose is the “Why” we do what we do. The thing that gets us up in the morning and makes our hearts sing. Whether aware of it or not, organizations and the people within them have a core purpose. Once discovered, core purpose becomes the anchor from which decisions to keep, start, or stop doing something are made.
Several years ago I discovered my core purpose through a simple exercise introduced by Arnold M. Patent, author of You Can Have It All. I listed two of my unique personal qualities and the ways I enjoyed expressing them when interacting with other people. With those in mind, I pictured a perfect world and the way everyone was interacting with everyone else. I then wrote down what that felt like as a statement in the present tense. My core purpose was discovered by combining those three things into a single statement:

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